Our Story

“From our hands….to your table”

We are Steve and Mickey Borello, and along with our family we own and operate a small vineyard located in the historic El Dorado County gold rush town of Cool, California.  We met working together in Mickey’s family’s meat and deli business. (Yep, Steve married the boss’ daughter— job security!)

We worked together managing the family business and it was hard work, but it provided us with many learning opportunities and valuable lessons with which we continue to draw upon as we travel on this new path in our lives. In 1989 after the sale of the family business, we relocated from San Jose, CA to the Sierra Foothills with our three young children. This was a big change, and the beginning of a new  chapter in our lives. The next 20 years was spent working, raising our children, and caring for family.

We planted our vineyard in 2010, and in 2014 our first wine was released; another chapter in our lives was born. Our inspiration, and everything about this new adventure we’ve embarked upon has the thread of family woven into its very existence. Although the family ties are abundant, the deepest roots of our inspiration are our parents.

Mickey’s parents, Luke and Rose purchased 70 acres in El Dorado County in the early 1970’s and the family lovingly refers to it simply as, “The Ranch.” Many family gatherings and happy memories have been made, and continue to be made here. With Grandmama’s loving nature and Grandpa Luke’s teasing humor, they created a very happy place for their family to grow and gather. In 2010 the Borello Family planted a vineyard on a portion of the property and named it “Rosa-Lucca Estates” to honor the memory of these very much beloved parents. Grandmama, our matriarch, is one of the “Roses” we honored in the naming of our red blend inaugural wine, “Three Roses.” The other two “Roses” are two of her namesakes; a daughter, and a granddaughter.

Steve’s parents, Ernie and Nancy made trips from San Jose to the ranch often. They were all about the family and loved attending their grandchildren’s events and activities. Grandma Nancy especially loved visiting in October, as she looked forward to helping with the family pumpkin patch every year. Ernie never knew a stranger, and was Grandpa Ernie to everyone. After the passing of Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Ernie came to live with us, and we’re here to tell you— it was quite a task trying to keep up with this 89 year old sparkplug! Grandpa Ernie was a tireless worker, and our zinfandel vines were his field of choice to tend. He was in his element! Our zinfandel wine, “Grandpa’s Field,” was named in his honor.

Appreciating our families’ Sicilian/Italian heritages, we recognize and admire the sacrifice, strength, and hard work that was necessary to survive and succeed in their new lives. It inspires and strengthens us. With both sets of our parents being first generation Americans it was their parents, our grandparents, who bravely blazed a new trail by leaving the only home they knew to provide a better future for their families. We have many beautiful memories filled with love, honor, and respect for both generations.

With our parents, children, and grandparents providing us with such a strong familial driving force, we embrace this new opportunity to grow and learn; and as such are enthusiastic students of the vines as well as the wines. We look forward to our new path, and to sharing our adventures, experiences, and delicious wines with you.